The Chappell residence originally located on Elizabeth street, was an ornament to the Village of Oneida. This Estate was built by Mr. Will Chappell in 1886, and in 1896 he further beautified the grounds by the addition of a park on the site of the old Seminary buildings which he had purchased and demolished. Mr. Chappell was a Mason of the thirty-second degree, holding membership in Doric Chapter of Oneida, and Central City.

He was a busy man all his life, as stockholder and a director in most of the manufacturing enterprises of Oneida. He served as a director of the Oneida Valley National Bank, and for several years as trustee of the Oneida Savings Bank of which he became president.

Mr. Chappell  found much recreation in travel, and visited, at different periods, old Mexico, Bermuda, and the West Indies. In 1896 he made a Mediterranean trip, and his itinerary including the Holy Land, Egypt, Greece, and Turkey.

You can view stones from the demolished buildings, as they were used in the construction, in Oneida, of the First Methodist Church on Broad Street, the Monaco property on South Ave. and the former Nemeti property on Drake Avenue.

According to the Obituary that appeared in July 19, 1909 issue of the New York Times, Will Chappell, at about the age of 68, was killed in an automobile accident about two miles out of Canastota. He swerved to avoid a a team which had made a short tern in front of him and Mr. Chappell entered a ditch, hit a telephone pole and meant almost instant death. Mrs. Chappell had both of her arms broken along with five ribs.